Portable 9000mAh Multi-function Power Bank Emergency 12V Car Jump Starter


Compact car jump starter that can jump start your car 20 times on a full charge
Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours
Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection

1,Battery capactity: 9000mAh(33.3Wh)
2, Cycle life:>300times
3, EC5 output: 8-12v/300A(max) Peak Cranking Power
4, USB output: USB: 5v/2.1A(MAX), micro USB: 5v/1A
5, DC charging input: DC:12V/1A, mcro USB: 5V/1A
6, Charging time: DC 12V: 4-5h (12v @1A charging current), Micro USB: 9-10h(5v @ 1A charging current)
7, LED light power: White: 1W, Red :1W, Blue: 1W
8, Working temperature: -20-60°C
9, Storage temperature: 20-60°C

1, The Unit only can be used for jump-start car in emergency , it can’t replace the car battery.
2, Please connect the alligater to car battery correctly: red to red and black to black.
3, When Voltage of the built-in lithium battery is lowe than the lowest Voltage to start-jump a car, the unit can’t work.
4, When the car battery voltage is lower than 3V, the unit will treat the car battery as bad one and can’t start automatically.
5, When you disconnect the unit and the car battery, please try to prevent the positive and negative touching otherwise there would be spartk causing potential safety hazard. If you connect the positive and negative unconsciously, the unit will power-off automatically.
6, Please choose the right mode for your car.

How to jump Start your car
Warning: Jump-starting a car can cause serious injury if yo are not careful. If you are unsure of what you are doing at any point, do not attempt to jump-start your car. Call your friendly roadside towing service for help instead.
When your car engine can’t be started because of car battery lower voltage or lower temperature, you can use this unit to start your car as the following steps:
Step 1: Open the DUST Cover
Step 2: Insert alligator to calmps terminal into EC5 output port
Step 3: Hook up the two jumper cable clamps- red for positive and balck for negative
Step 4: Start your car
Note: if your connection is inverse or unreliability, the unit can not work.
Diagram 2: EC5 output clamps connect with car battery

emergency car jump starter

How to use discharging and charging function
Unit discharging from USB output:
1, The unit built in Micro USB output cable, Please use it charging your MP3, mobile or others portable device
2, The unit built in Type A USB output port, output max 5v/2.1A current to charge for standard USB portable device.
Note: It is the best charging effect to charge your device by your own original USB cable.
Unit charging: Then unit support Micro USB 5v/1A and DC 12V/1A charging input, please select corresponding cable to charging the unit.
Note: Don’t use Micro USB 5v/1A and DC 12v/1A charging the unit at same time to avoid damaging the unit.


24V 400A Peak Portable Multi Function Truck Jump Starter

This Jump Starter can start most types and brands 24V diesel trucks

tested many famous trucks already

24V 400A Peak Portable Multi Function Truck Jump Starter


23100mAh 3.7V high-capacity Li-polymer power station with 400A(peak) Portable truck rechargeable Jump Starter
Support 24V diesel engine
Built power bank function, USB 2.0 output
LCD display allows for easy battery status and output voltage monitoring
Built-in 3W LED light provides illumination in emergency situations on the road
Flashing red & white light warning function
DC 19V and 12V voltage Output ,charging for notebook etc.
Overload and over-temperature and short-circuit protection,
Reverse polarity protection

Technical Parameters
Baterry:23100mAh/3.7V Li-polymer
Cycle life:>300times
Emergency Light: Red/Blue 3W
Torch power :3W
Self charging time: CC/CV 5-6 Hours @ 12V / 2A
input:DC Φ6.5mm (X1): 12V/2A
Output:EC5 (X1): Peak Cranking Power:20-24V/400A(Max)
USB Type A(X1): DC 5V / 2.1A (Max) 5V, +/- 5%
MINI DIN 4PIN(X1): DC 19V /3.5A
DC 12V/3.5A

12V 600A Peak Portable Multi Function Diesel Gasoline Car Jump Starter Power Bank

This Multi Function Car Jump starter,work with 12V Diesel truck and car,also work with 12V gasoline car.

this car jump starter can start Max 3.5L 12V diesel truck,and diesel car.

Can starte most than 80% 5.0L gasline car.

10000mAh 3.7V high-efficient Li-polymer power station with 600A(peak) Portable car rechargeable Jump Starter

Support 12V gasoline engine and diesel engine
Built power bank function, 2 USB 2.0 output
Built-in 1W LED light provides illumination in emergency situations on the road
Flashing white light warning function
Overload and over-temperature and short-circuit protection,
Reverse polarity protection

Technical Parameters
Baterry:10000mAh/3.7V Li-polymer
Cycle life:>300times
Emergency Light: White 1W
Torch power :1W
Charging time: CC/CV 4~5 Hours @ 12V / 1A
input:DC Φ6.5mm (X1): 12V/1A
Output:EC5 (X1): Peak Cranking Power : 12V/450A(Max)
USB Type A(X1): DC 5V / 2.1A & 5V/1A

car jump starter

Universal Foldable USB AC Wall Plug Power Supply Adapter EU US UK

1, Quickly and easily charge any USB cable supported smartphone
Designed for easy use and convenience, the USB adapter allows you to charge any USB cable supported smartphone from just one main power socket. Furthermore, using your existing charging cables, the 1 USB adaptor’s Amp output can be used to charge smartphones, Tablet, MP3 players, digital cameras and e-readers

Universal Foldable USB AC Wall Plug

Universal Foldable USB AC Wall Plug

Universal Foldable USB AC Wall Plug Power Supply Adapter EU US UK

2, Easy to use foldable design allows ultimate portability
Unlike any charging accessory you have seen before, the Charger Adapter folds flat for greater portability. Simply twist the pivot of the two bottom pins and close the side ‘wings’ of the plug. This allows you to pack away the compact charger with ease, reducing the plug size by around 70% and creating less clutter.

2A Magnetic USB Car Charger For Sony Xperia Z1 XL39H Xperia Z Ultra Z1

1, Magnetic Car Charger
2, Input: 10.8 – 16V
3, Output: 5V / 2A
4, Magnetic charging cable so you can use it in the car
5, Bring you more convenience
6, Material: ABS
7, One Additional USB output car charger adapter,you can charge your other phone on this USB Port.

magnetic car charger for sony z2

sony ultra z2 magnetic car charger


IOS Android Smartphone Four USB Power Adapter UK Plug

Input: AC 100-240V¬ 50/60Hz, 350 mA
Total output: DC MAX.5.0V—2400 mA

Indoor use only;
Dry environment use only;
When plug into AC power socket , prevent finger or metal things for touching the metal plug of the charger.
Do not pull the lead or plug hard;
Do not take a part or knock the charger;
Stop using the charger when cover or lead damage;
LED indicator: Empty load – Blue; While charging – pink;
Complete charging — blue.

10W 2.1A USB Night Light Power Adapter EU Plug

1, Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
2, Output: DC 5v 2100mA 10W
3, Working temperature: -10~50
4, Charging Time: 2-3 hours for iphone/ipod, 3-5 hours for Ipad…(depends on the capacity of battery)

night light power adapter

10W 2.1A USB Night Light Power Adapter EU Plug


1, USB travel charger is always trendy. and convenient to take.
2, It is compatible with iphone, ipad, ipod, Mp5, Mobile phone, and other devices.
3, The current is 2100mAh for the USB Output port.
4, Production is more secure with Over protection