HD Wireless Mini EZ Display WIFI Projector

SP W500 –the first wireless mini projector, the instruments DLP technology, RGB trichromatic light, up to 50 lumens, bright colors, reductive degree is high, the contrast is strong. Can support WIFI wireless device:smartphone, android phone(4.0) above 4.0 system, including tablet, laptops and other perfect connection, is suitable for various occasions. At rechargeable lithium battery power supply. And SP-W500 with HD player can directly play the memory card, U disk, high definition movies, pictures, games, etc., and can directly read U disk and memory CARDS/ WORD/ EXCEL/ PDF/ PPT document, you can watch HD movies, share mobile phone pictures, business office copywriter.

SP-W500 HD Wireless Mini EZ Display WIFI Projector With Power Bank Function

1,Can used be a emergency mobile power bank, not only for itself but also for other mobile devices
2,Signals within 500 meters
3,Play videos/ music/ pictures inside your mobile phone
4,DLP technology for sharp and colorful pictures
5,DLP Pico project with ANSL 50 lumens for picture size of up to 150cm (60”)
6,Support almost all kinds of video/ music/ photo format playback
7,Features embedded rechargeable battery for mobile usage
8,Modern, energy-saving RGB LEDS for up to 20000 hours of lifetime
9,Support popular tablet, smart phones and notebook PCs
10, Mobile video supports push function , but only presenting the rate of progress, cannot be synchronized playback with projector.

1,Display technology: Ti DLP technology
2, Resolution: 640 x 360 (nHD)
3, Projection Image Size: 10″~60″(Diagonal)
4, Focus: Manual
5, Brightness: 50Lm (Max)
6, A/V I/O port: Audio out(ψ3.5mm)/Micro SD card
7, WiFi standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (Plug-in)
8, WiFi connection: point-to-point(AP mode), Internet access (through WiFi router,Client mode)
9, Free supported APPs: EZ Display & EZ Control (Windows/Mac OS), EZ View ( Android, iOS)
10, Supported features from free APP: Mirror/Extend mode (PC projection), Video/Music/Photo playback, Splitter display (x1, x2, x4), Document display/ Live camera/Internet access/On screen sketch (supported by EZ View only)
11,Supported video format: AVI, DIVX,MKY,DAT,VOB,MPG,MPEG,MOV,MP4,RM,RMVB,WMV
12, Supported music format: MP1/MP2/MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV ,ACC
13, Mobile video only supports push, cannot be synchronized playback, without the same frequency playback.
14, Supported photo format: JPEG,BMP
15, Battery charger: USB DC-out (5V/1.5A)
16, Battery: Embedded 2500mAh Lion battery
17, Battery life: mSD card mode: 90 min, WiFi mode: 60 min
18,Speaker: 1W
19, Remote controller: Yes (IR remote controller)
SP-W500 HD Wireless Mini EZ Display WIFI Projector With Power Bank Function
Package Contents:
1 x WiFi Mini Projector
1x Micro USB Charger Cable
1x Power Adapter
1 x Remote Controller
1x User’s Manual