2.4Ghz Multi function TV HTPC Keyboard mouse combo Remote Control

Operating experience with the current best 2.4GHz wireless technology, transmission distance up to 30 meters.
You only need to hand in the air to the remote control center wrist, waving the remote control in small angle up and down, the mouse pointer will follow precisely, the operation simple and smooth, And applies to all: Android smart TV platform, Android TV Box, Computer, and HTPC.
2.4G 3D air mouse+2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse+6-Axis Somatosensory+Infrared remote control + Voice function” Multiple fundction in one, It even easier to operate.

Working state instruction
1, After the success the air mouse remote control paring with LED terminal device, The blue light will flash slowly.Indicate flying squirrels in working condition,blue light flashes once with the each press. If the air mouse in a stationary state,LED blue will flash slowly and turn off after 20 seconds, indicating that the flying squirrel into hibernation, you can wake up the air mouse by pressing any key. then air mouse back to theworking condition.
2, Cursor speed adjustment
Press HOME and UP key, the cursor speed from slow to fast.
Press HOME and DOWN key, the cursor speed from fast to flow.
3, Infrared learning(single key learning): Example for learning the TV” POWER” key.
Press the HOME key and the red POWER button on the lower left corner, the LED lights flash from blue into red flashing slowly. Then press he “Power” button on the TV remote control, the double light flashes at same time that means learning success.

multi function tv remote control

2.4Ghz Multi function TV HTPC Keyboard mouse combo Remote Control

1, Transmission and control: 2.4G RF wireless radio frequency technique
2, Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
3, Amount of key: 59
4, Control distance:>=10m
5, Battery type: Built-in Lithium battey
6,Capcitance: >=300mA
7, Working power: less than 10mA in the work condition witout voice. in the voice condition the power is probably 30mA
8,Standby power: Microampere, almost no power, in line with the European”Energy Star” enviromental standard
9, Material: Plastic and Silicone

2.4Ghz Multi function TV HTPC Keyboard mouse combo Remote Control


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