3m USB Wire Gamepad Joystick PS3 Controller (Japanese)

3m USB Wire Gamepad Joystick PS3 Controller (Japanese)

gamepad ps3 controller

ps3 game pad

1, Because it is a USB wired connection type, no worry of running out of battery!

2, Cable length of the room and 3M.

3, Equipped with a vibration function of fire and the ability to change into four stages.

4, You can be replaced to cover parts of four colors attached, the center part of the cover of the controller body.

Cover dress of four, you can customize the color of your favorite controller.

5, Sensitivity adjustment function of the analog stick button.

You can use the cage to pressing the ANALOG button, to adjust the sensitivity of the stick button. From three levels.

Package content:

1x PS3 controller
1x Japanese manual


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